The first 3-d lit object was built from found metal parts in the mid 1970´s, and had a political message - "The accelerated arms race" inspired by my then recently finished tour with the US Army in Europe durring the Vietnam War. Intentionally left to rust,it and other early objects are gone, but the start was there for new objects made nearly 10 years later while working as theater-set designer in Stuttgart, Germany.
     My light objects derive from a combination of elements from my graphic design background and my interest in architecture and science fiction (these early light objects are partially a furturistic view of architectural structures). These influences are also visable in some of the other work that I have done over the years. Later pieces are wall and free-standing graphically prominent pieces which are iconographic in nature. In the last few years, I have built installations using kinetic light objects, combining motion and light with other elements.
     All objects are one-offs unless otherwise noted, and can easily be adapted to all usual currents. Most are 12 volt D.C. using a readily available low-volt transformer. Contact me for availibility / price / technical information. Shipping anywhere. I also accept contracts in the fields of, design, illustration, sculpture, and model making.
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