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Art of Space

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"Art of Space"

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Ausstellung "Art of Space" Tresorraum in der "Kunstamt" 2010




More fotos from "Licht-Graffiti"

Kunstpfad 2008- "Licht-Graffiti"







Kunstverein „Familie Montez" Workshop: Phosphor - Graffiti

Sprayen mit Licht auf nachleuchtende Flächen. Kurzlebige Schwachlichtkunst gegen grellbunte Lichtverschmutzung. Im DIY Workshop werden phosphorisierende Tafeln und Lichtmalwerkzeuge gebaut. Techniken und Strategien entwickelt. Danach öffentliche Performance. Workshop und Performance Spraying with light on noctilucent surfaces. Ephemeral low intensity light art versus gaudy light pollution. In a DIY workshop phosphorescent boards and light art tools will be constructed, tech-niques and strategies developed. Public performance follows. Eine Veranstaltung der BürgerKunstAktivisten Robin Broadfoot und Uwe Schüler mit Unterstützung von Honeywell Specialty Chemicals Seelze GmbH und Lumitronix LED-Technik GmbH
Robin Broadfoot: Anwendung & künstlerische Praxis
Uwe Schüler: Technik und Werkzeuge
Kunstverein „Familie Montez" Breite Gasse 24 Info: 0177-76 67 524 Sa 5.4. Workshop 14.00 Uhr -19.00 Uhr














"Licht-Traum"- Light-Pictures-Sculptures April 2005
This exhibit was a sort of retrospective of my first one in 1985, which also included light objects, pictures. Added for this exhibit were the 5 sculptures which I had created in 2004 out of metal and found materials.

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"Licht Traum" Logo

Invitation for "Licht Traum"














Unique about this exhibit was the fact that the viewer had to look through a "peep-hole" in order to see the some 30 light objects hidden behind. For me this had several possitve aspects.

For one, the objects were more or less protected, and could be left unattended for long periods of time, being on for 12 hours a day for the length of 2 months. The near total darkness which was possible in this closed enviroment also enhanced the effects of light and shadow greatly (impossible to achieve in a gallery).

The most interesting aspect of this project however was the reaction of the more than 4500 viewers, some of whom had to make several passes before overcomming their apprehension (fear of voyeristic tendencies?), and then looking into (all) of the holes! Since these holes were at different hights, this meant streching or stooping- viewer interactivity.

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Invitation for "Lichtblick"

"Lichtblick" Passageway



"Lichtjahre" Mössingen 2002

In October 2002 was the 100 Year celebration of the electrification of the town of Mössingen. For this occation a giant art exhibit took place with the theme of light, the main use for the "new" water power genererated electricity. There were more than 30 Installations and my contribution was this smoke-ring producing light object.

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